Gtx 780 SLI vs Hd 7990 Quadfire for 5760x1080 gaming

Hey everyone, I'm wondering what would be best for a triple monitor setup, Gtx 780 SLI or Hd 7990 Quadfire. I know that AMD's 13.8 catalyst beta driver was just released, but according to Don (TomsHardware guy) the driver doesn't help with the frame pacing issues the hd 7990 had earlier this year when playing on three monitors.
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  1. before worried about frame pacing you have to worried about scaling first.
  2. gtx 780 sli....scaling will stink with 4 gpus. and then there is frame pacing...i have two gtx 780's OC (1081 mhz base 1134 boost) and they kill. enjoy :)
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