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Metro Tiles stop responding

Last response: in Windows 8
September 11, 2013 6:51:55 AM

Search and check all FORUM solutions do not fix the problem of Windows 8 Tiles stop responding. Cannot open STORE. All tiles installed by Windows 8 not longer respond to a mouse click.

Yes, SFC and Chkdsk and Windows Troubleshooter do not fix the problem of tiles not responding.

No FORUM fixes seem to work to fix this problem. Microsoft does not support fixes for this type of problem.

The only solution that fixes the problem is to setup a NEW USER ACCOUNT but this really does not fix the problem in the original USER ACCOUNT, so it is really not a fix.

Sure, a REFRESH might fix the problem but you lose all the installed programs and reinstalling is time-consuming and frustrating.

Why a fix to this problem cannot be found is a big mystery.

Best solution

September 12, 2013 5:08:52 AM

dodger46 said:
Any fixes you haven't tried here??

Yep, tried all these "fixes" but none are effective. The only method that I have found to get working Windows 8 installed tiles is to setup another "USER ACCOUNT". Of course, this kills all the tiles that you have for programs that you have installed so you have to go to the programs' "EXE" file and pin it to the "START" to get a working tile.
There seems to be lots of confusion about "Windows 8 tiles not reponding" but the problem is very clear. None of the Tiles installed by WIndows 8 respond when mouse clicked. For example, the STORE tile pops up the green screen for STORE but then just disappears when mouse click to open STORE.
So, I just gave up trying all the fixes since none work to restore working tiles and just setup another "USER ACCOUNT". This is a very "lame" solution but at least I can open STORE and install programs in the new "USER ACCOUNT". Go figure why Microsoft cannot fix this problem.