How to use My Passport external hard drive as backup with Windows 8

I have a My Passport external hard drive. When I had Windows 7, I could schedule the hard drive to back up once a week. I now have Windows 8 and I am unable to to schedule a backup. Any suggestions?
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  2. It might not be compatible. I don't know for sure, as you didn't mention whether you have one that is. I am not trying to be a jerk, either, but I just purchased a brand new laptop with Windows 8 and I have a Toshiba automatic backup drive that is not even a year old (used with my old Vista laptop), and I can't do anything with it. It will recognize the drive one instant and then say it's not there the next. The whole computer acted funky, like it had a virus or something (pausing up, had to right click the desktop and everything would go black and then it would refresh the entire desktop, for example).until I unplugged that danged external backup drive. Now, everything works like magic - just perfect, really. I looked all over the box and finally my eye saw one thing - Compatibility is listed on the box as NTFS formatted for XP/Vista/' and 7. No 8. I think that was my issue. I just ordered a new Toshiba Canvio and it was the only external hard drive I could find that actually said it was formatted for 8.
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