SSD 840 vs HDD Black

Decided to post the results of a curiosity benchmark i did on crystaldiskmark.
Also, if someone can confirm these results are fine (no faulty hardware):
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  1. They look fine. Hard drives have more issues with random read/write operations and the 840's MLC(with 3 bits per cell) is not the fastest at righting data, but as you can see, quite good at reading back data.

    Just ensure that you have the latest SATA drivers and are in AHCI mode you should have no issues.

    This is seagates new drives(cheap with a lower warranty, but still fast for a hard drive.).

    And here are some other "drives".
  2. Woah! That Seagate is impressive!!! If i saw this a few days ago when i bought the WDBLack i would have chosen the Seagate.Can you tell me the model code?
    Also, how did you test the ram?
  3. I ram was tested with a ramdrive(just a very small 1.5gigabyte one to hold some programs).

    The seagate model number was ST2000DM001(they have managed to push the data density on the platters resulting in this extra speed). I still like my WDC Blacks as they work well and have shown to be quite reliable.
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