reverse tether to share wifi net connection with an older pc that doesn't have built in wifi

Add wifi capability to an older pc that has no radio by connecting usb to phone in a "wifi reverse tether". How! I know it's got to be possible to route data out the tether in from wifi because phones can sen the same data out usb from 4g. Why not from wifi?
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  1. A cheap usb wireless card would be a FAR better option than trying to make your phone be a wireless card for the PC. Simply put, you would have to fine or make your own program on the phone to even make this work.
  2. I was hoping there would be an xda developer that knows a way to trick the phone into thinking the wifi input was input from the 4g. I could almost imagine a jumper on the hardware. Tight budget and figured if there's a way a lot of people would do it and save the Chinese kids from solder poisoning. Wow ...maybe I haven't slid as far down Maslows' hierarchy as I thought I had.
  3. Unfortunately. I have yet to see anyone make such a modification to a phone.
  4. It taunts me. I'll open that phone and put jumpers on it if I have to just to. Even if it is only just to say it's possible. I enjoy this kind of punishment anyway. It would be an awesome way to beat "the man". Smart TV's to the people... viva la revolution. Ha kidding...kinda
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