2 770's SLI vs 1 780

Does anyone know the difference between 2 770's SLI and 1 780, FPS wise? On Crysis 3 for example (using a BenQ XL2720T 120Hz monitor)
Any benchmarks would help. I've found other threads about this, but no benchmarks or demo's.
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    The difference is huge. Here's a benchmark to prove it.
  2. Get one 770 4gb for your rig, sell it in a couple of years and upgrade to 960-970. The high end GPUs are not really worth it. They have their place but... I find value more in the upper high end. Single cards run cooler, use less electricity. A single 770 4gb should be enough for 95% of the games out there on ultra right now.
  3. You will win benchmarks with sli GTX770 compared to a single GTX780.
    In the process, you will have paid more.
    You will also be exposed to dual card inconsistencies, noise and heat.
    With your 1080P monitor, I see little reason not to use a single GTX780.

    If, in the future you get into triple monitor gaming or get a 4k monitor, then all bets are off.
  4. He is using a 120hz monitor. That means he is either doing 3D gaming or aiming to get 120 frames rather than 60. For a standard 60hz 1080p monitor, A single 770 would probably be fine, as would a 780.

    A single 770 or 780 will not get him 120 frames in the latest games or 60 frames in 3D. If that is your goal OP, I would probably go with two 770's. But keep in mind what others have said about dual card noise, scaling issues, and heat.
  5. Thanks again Seladon. You are faster than google )

    You guys are probably right, a single GPU would get me close to where I want to be (and safer/cheaper). But I'm gonna go nuts and do my first liquid cooled unit.

  6. No problem, I'm here for that, sir !
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