Hey, i was just wondering if my cpu is bottlenecking. Ive been playing battlefield 3 (multiplayer) and im not so satisfied with my fps, but i think my gpu is good enough but not sure about my cpu. Been playing it on Normal setting 1024 res, and i was hoping for atleast 40 50 minimum fps in any map.

Core2 Quad q9550
GTX 650 ti Boost 2gb
8gb ram

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    Without even looking at data from your situation I would say the Q9550 probably is bottlenecking you a bit. An easy way to tell if it is your CPU is to open task manager while you are playing bf3 and if your CPU usage is maxing out at 100% then you have a CPU bottleneck. If you plan on upgrading your CPU you will also have to get a new motherboard as the LGA 775 socket doesn't have anything much better than the Q9550.
  2. No, your CPU is not bottlenecking your GPU. But both aren't really good.
  3. no. yes. no. ...................... depends on the game.

    i just retired my q9550. that along with a 2gig 6950 played everything flawlessly until I tried running FC3 maxed out ( 1920x1200 ). Now I run a multi-core xeon... with a 6950 and with another nvidia card.
  4. Thanks guys for your answers, yeah the upgrade would cost me much because i would have to change my MOBO, but ill test my cpu usage as you mentioned through task manager.
  5. Really?? How come? never knew that......
  6. Thanks ill try it.
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