what are the consideration should be ept in mind before buying new internal hard disk for la ptop?

hello ,
my sony vaio laptop has toshiba mx series 500gb,5400rpm hdd 2.5 form factor
it has many bad sector so i decided to buying a hdd
please recommend me for which one i go for a 500,750 or 1000 gb drive
1. seagate

how is seagate momentus 750 gb 16 mb cache 7200 rpm 3gb/s sata
and hitachi hgst travelstar 1 tb 32 mb cache 6gb/s sata

i am so confused that if i purchased and if not fit on my laptop .please suggest me what to do
any help would be heartly appreciated
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  1. The main step is to open it and see if they've used a custom connection interface.
  2. there is a socket and hdd is covered by a casing with screws
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    The most important specification is the thickness or height of hard drive compared to space in drive bay

    old large capacity 2.5" drives may be too thick to fit

    standard laptops usually accept 9.5 mm (3/8") drives
    but you need to look at specification for your model Sony Vaio and if the user guide gives details of drive size / interface and how to remove hard drive

    bigger cache is better but costs more
    7200 rpm drives usually faster but run hotter and use more power


    Mike Barnes
  4. if i buy 7200 rpm hdd isthere is chance of overheating in laptop leads to formation of bad sector or any physical damage or its life decreases
    yes my older hdd is 9.5 mm (3/8") drives
    so which oni i buy
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