Windows 7 log on freeze. Help! My computer might be cursed!

So it all started some time ago.
My specs were:
It all worked smoothly, but I decided that my vga was a little old already and decided to upgrade it, I also wanted a little more memory and an ssd (wanted to try good speeds). So I bought another memory module, a Sandisk ssd and an AMD 7850. I plugged everything in, made sure bios mem settigs were correct and proceeded to install Windows on the ssd. Booted up, installed all drivers, played some games at awesome fps.

However, since then whenever I try to turn on my pc, it logs on to desktop and screen freezes after some seconds. Ive tried reinstalling Windows on other hard drive, updating it, using only the old memory, using another graphics card (with same wattage as 450), scanned for malware, using Windows 8, and on. Another strange thing is that I can normally boot up to safe mode and sometimes when I change whichever setting on msconfig it would boot up correctly in normal mode.

I don't know what else to do, im only thinking of destroying it :(. PLEASE HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!
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  1. Is SATA set to AHCI in BIOS? Have you tried reinstalling Windows?
  2. I suggest following what Alexoiu said. If you left your hard drive in ACHI mode instead of IDE it might cause problems.
  3. Both times it happened and both drives were set to AHCI, I had searched inet and found somewhere that ssds run faster on that mode. I ll try both ways.
    I tried setting off AHCI and neither the ssd or the hard drive work. And yeah I reinstalled windows like seven times.
    Could it be driver related? Forgot to mention I also have a Tp link pcie wifi card.
  4. boosted1g said:
    Did you try booting into safe mode and see if it works fine that way?

    Yes, it works fine that way.
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