What can I do for cable management to help with how my computer airflow is?

I have a ton of excess cables from my custom built computer that I don't use and I feel like they are probably messing up my airflow. I want to get raid of them but I don't know what to do. I see pictures of peoples computers and it's so tidy! That's definitely not the case with mine. I have cables everywhere and it just looks really messy!
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  1. many times (depending on the case) you can tuck many of them in to the space between the back panel and motherboard tray. the use of zip ties and twist ties will help with this issue. if no room is available in the back you can wad up the wires and tie them together and place them in either the bottom of the HDD cage or in an empty space for a DVD drive being cautious not to block front fan airflow.
  2. Zip ties are your friend.
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