How do I find Win7 drivers for my Win8 laptop?

This is only the second time I've ever booted from USB on a laptop as a transition between OS's - the first was between Vista and Windows 7. I'm having some difficulty with the transition from 8 back to 7 though. I get to the point where it asks for the drivers on another USB drive (my laptop lacks a disc drive).

I have the Asus Q501LA, and I can't seem to find any drivers for it for Windows 7. Can someone help me out or give me a workaround? Thank you.
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  1. It appears that that is a Windows 8 (64-bit) only machine. You <might> be able to find generic drivers from the various chip manufacturers, but don't expect miracles.
  2. Does Asus lock their drivers to the OS? i'd try the Windows 8 drivers and see if you get an error. I have an HP that i downgraded and it was a pain because i had to find all new drivers, but my wife's toshiba just let us install all the stock windows 8 drivers on windows 7 and it works perfectly...they're the same kernel, so the drivers should all be backwards compatible...if they aren't it's the manufacturer locking them to Win 8, not that they are incompatible.
  3. Well from what I can tell on the Asus site you are going to have to try Windows 8 drivers or learn how to use Windows 8. It does not look like you can degrade to Windows 7 with that laptop. Your best bet would be to give Windows 8 a real try it is a great OS and is much better than Windows 7 in every way.

    Other than that you will have to try to find drivers from the manufacture of each device that Windows 7 does not have built in.

    Really all new laptops should be locked to Windows 8 period it is much better and much easier to use period.
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    Hi saw your post. I recently bought this laptop and like everything about it except windows 8 and it seems to have several problems I cannot solve, wonder if you experience similar.

    I find that the machine seems to either hibernate or partially shut down when the lid is closed for any length of time. I have tried different power settings but nothing changes.

    I also have trouble doing window updates and not sure what that would have to do with the machine however.

    Would love to run windows 7 and if you can move down would like to hear how.

    Are you having any of these same problems I am experiencing?

    Some replies seem to indicate it is only a windows 8 capable notebook but when you go to ASUS site for the Q501LA
    it seems to discuss only windows 7 problems not 8
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