Is this card factory overclocked?

And is it as good as a superclocked gtx 650 ti boost from evga?
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    danitewing said:

    And is it as good as a superclocked gtx 650 ti boost from evga?

    Yes it is. Stock clocks for a 650 Ti Boost are 980Mhz and that one comes at 1020MHz. Also, the Asus will run quieter and cooler than the EVGA but it is more expensive and not as fast straight out of the box. If you aren't going to overclock yourself then I would get the EVGA... if you are go for the Asus.
  2. The EVGA SC series is generally the "bottom rung" of factory overclocked cards.... historically, tho I have not verified the 650 Ti Boost, the SC series typically has a very nice cooler on a stock PCB and uses a stock VRM, Most of the other factory overclocked vendors use a custom PCB and a beefed up VRM on their factory overclocked cards. EVGAs Classified line OTOH is souped up with nice beefy VRM and custom PCB, but I havent seen one yet at the 760 level. MSI lets ya over ride the voltage limits on many of their Hawk and Lightning series.

    If ya wanna look at how this all got started, look for threads on "fried 570s"...that's when the VRM stuff hit the proverbial fan. Thru the 500 series and 600 series, I had the most luck with Asus (25-30% over stock) ... I haven't had as much opportunity to play with the 7xx series, nobody's left a 7xx build here long enuff for me to experiment much :)

    Looking at what's left on newegg, MSI leads the pack with a 1033 Mhz clock with Gigabyte close behind with a 1032 Mhz...stock for this card is 980.
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