Glitches and artifacts after accidental wrong underclock

I was playing with MSI Afterburner and instead of 1200 memory speed i somehow entered 120, after that everything distorted and i got BSOD. the problem is now that every time i log into my pc account everything turns into artifact at desktop, im now using a guest account with no privileges and everything is working fine, as soon as i log into my account everything turns into a big artifact. What can i do?
Its Hd5770 if that helps.
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  1. can you log into safe mode?
  2. rgd1101 said:
    can you log into safe mode?

    No, it stops at loading drivers and artifacts appear at the top of the screen.
  3. does it have integral graphic? if it does you could remove the Hd5770 and run it on the integral graphic.
  4. Guys i somehow managed to enter control panel- users then drivers crashed but luckily they recovered and i had enough time to make my guest account administrator.
    Guest accound works fine and i managed to uninstal drivers and my acc works now, right now im downloading new drivers and ill see if everything is ok.
    I think i fixed it. Thank you anyways!
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