I could use some help, please.

I've been looking at this Dell IN1930 18.5 Inch Screen LED-lit Monitor 1366x768 at 60 Hz HD. And I was wondering if this would be a ok monitor for gaming.
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    it would be fine as much as any other 1366x768 laptop is that resolution and it's livable, but i'm wondering how much this monitor is? if it's only $20 bucks more to get to 1920x1080 then wait and save my friend
  2. Are you planning on using 3 for eyefinity? The resolution is not very high. The 5ms response time is ok.

    maybe increase the budget a bit and try something like this

    The lower response times are better for gaming. Also higher resolution is better

    If you want to stay at $100 region this article might interest you
  3. Alright, thank you very much!
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