Sapphire 7870XT CrossFire or Zotac GTX 760 SLI?

Hi All Guru!

I currently own a Sapphire 7870XT and i would really like to setup dual graphic card on my rigs. I can get a GTX760 for $10 more+ trade in my Sapphire 7870XT.

Should i keep my 7870XT and hunt for another 1 to do cross fire setup?

Or i should get the GTX 760? In other words, which dual graphic setup more powerful and better for future usage?

I really want to try out dual graphic configuration so please dun suggest me a better single GPU card.

Thanks all in advance

*my display is 1920*1080
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  1. Read this:

    IMHO, (since i'm a cheapskate), save the 10 dollars and frustration of trading in. The difficulty in accurately suggesting one over the other is that dual GPU's tend to be compatible and incompatible with different things. Where an SLI setup might be really good, a CrossFire could not, and vice-versa. Honestly, you won't see much improvement over a single GPU at the price range and cards you are talking about (don't believe otherwise, you could just be wasting money). Again, this is my opinion. I'm running a single GTX 460 768MB at 1920 x 1080, and almost every game gets 60 fps at very high...maybe not always ultra...examples include CIV 5, Sniper Elite V2, Battlefield 3, Borderlands 2, Skyrim, Brotherhood...etc. Yours will blow mine out of the water, performance wise, but you won't see a difference since games have fps caps at around 60...the question you are asking is reliant upon whether you would risk compatibility with CrossFire or SLI. Also, whether your mobo can support them.
  2. i do find out a lot of review stated that single 760>7870xt...
  3. Did the new AMD 13.8 driver solve the xfire issue? any1 tried this out?
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