Upgrading My laptops GPU?

I'll be brief, I don't think this is entirely possible and is most likely impossible but i ask anyway.

I have an ASUS ROG Laptop (G75VW) Running a 3630QM in it. I have NO clue if it is possible to change my 600m Nvidia GPU up to one of its more new models in the 700m series.

If anyone has a clue, help me out!
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    Very unlikely, most laptop GPUs are BGA (soldered to the motherboard) and if you could get yours off, I doubt the new one would match up with the traces...then there would be I don't know where you could get your hands on a laptop discrete would take several miracles is all I'm real miracles.
  2. Quite a bad idea I think.
    Sometimes the cooling pipes are also welded on the chip.
  3. ah i see... oh well, that is rather unfortunate...
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