Old core 2 duo vs I3 540?

My friend has a pretty old Core 2 duo in his machine, He won't tell me exactly which model but I'm sure it's a dual core one manufactured at 65nm , I'm not too familiar with the core 2 duo series as I didn't really get into computers back then, but do you think my I3 540 will top it? I'm asking this because I'm replacing my processor + Mobo and he said he may buy it from me.

Sorry there's not much detailing going on, If you really need me to I'll ask him to give me the full on specs as soon as I can.
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  1. More likely than not your 540 is probably equivalent to his if he has a 8000 series core 2 duo such as the E8400. However if he has an older 6000 series it may be seriously lacking in comparison.
  2. It's a very old computer, is it safe to say It's the older 6000 series?
  3. Depending on what he uses his pc for, it may not make a difference.
  4. He is a gamer, though I am sure he will need to use Photoshop in the next two years for his schoolwork.

    I'm assuming in games you wont see a big performance increase, but I'm sure Photoshop will see a massive improvement due to the I3 540 having 4 threads and better single cores.
  5. The i5 540 is better than all core 2 duos. but not by much compared to the high end core 2 duos/core 2 quads.
  6. If it is a 65nm Core 2, then it is an early 6xxx series chip. That i3 540 would be faster.
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    Here's another link:,3487.html

    The i3 540 should perform similarly to the Ivy Bridge G2020...which is not a lot of difference, if you ask me. Sure, the Wolfdale mentioned in that article is faster than the Conroe your friend has, but overclocking the Conroe would get it to too small of a margin to buy such a chip. If he wants to buy it, let him, as it will be a modest step up, but make sure he doesn't expect the moon.
  8. If it is an old E6300, the i3 540 would probably blow it away.
  9. Don't compare it to a cpu it's not when you can compare it to the actual cpu. The g2020 is better than a i3 540.
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