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Would a 128 GB solid state drive be big enough to partition Windows 7 & 8, i doubt it would be enough to house Vista, as well, i need to know the sizes of the operating systems up to date (after it updates and all of that stuff), i have read that it depends on the ram for Windows 8, which i have 16 gigs of it. Any help would be greatly helpful, thank you in advance.
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  1. You can easily fit all 3 in up to date trim.if you turn off hibernation and trim the page file they'll be 30 gigs or so each
  2. What do you mean by trim the page file? I've heard the term before but i'm new at this partitioning stuff.
  3. It comes after you install the OS, it's a chunk of your drive usually equal to the amount of ram in your machine that can be used as extra ram if you run out, its also where dumps go if you crash, so you don't necessarily want to turn it off (though Microsoft has a hotfix out that will let you have both no page file and dumping). If you have more than 4 gigs of ram I would recommend turning it down to a few hundred megs instead of 8 GB or whatever yours will be. Its in windows advanced settings.
  4. hmm i don't know if i necessarily want windows 8 one there maybe just Vista and 7, just because of gaming purposes, do you know if vista handles the solid state drives well?
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    Windows Vista doesn't have TRIM support like Windows 7 does, it'll run with the SSD just fine, you'll just have to use whatever utility the drive has to run TRIM manually every once in a while.
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