New build with GTX 670 or GTX 760 ? MSI or Asus


I know this been asked alot, but im a little divided about the following.

Im build a new PC mostly mini itx and the card would be a Asus GTX 670 Mini or a MSI GTX 760 Hawk, both are here in Portugal for the same price 280 Euros, so what you guys think i should get.
I want to OC a little both cards.

Other thing is the board, im thinking in the MSI Z87i, but theres almost none reviews about it, is it a good board ? Anyone here can say opinion about it ?

Thank you
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  1. I would suggest you to go with the Asus card if the price is the same, their cooling is quite good (directCUII).

    Anyway, ASUS and MSI are both fine :)
  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the reply guys, im toward to the mini, my problem is if the GTX670 is not a future for comming games makin the gtx760 a better choice.

  3. For a GTX 760 go with MSI.
  4. Hi,

    I forgot to mention that the monitor i have its a SyncMaster S24B350H and i think it only does 60hz max, seems this could have impact in what card to choose, right ?

  5. MSI.
  6. Hi SR-71 :D thanks for your answer :)

    I just found out that a Asus GTX760 Mini is avaiable too, could be a nice choice for my ITX and with a little oc.
  7. Keep us posted.
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