Windows 7 (TP Link wifi card to Netgear router) Able to connect to router but no internet connection

Hey guys,

Alright, my problem is confusing me a lot I have spent a couple of days trying to find a solution on the internet but nothing seems to work.
I have recently bought a new PC, it has windows 7 and a TP link wireless N card. The card finds the router although with a very low signal 1-3 dots, and can sometimes connect to the internet while at some points it drops out. although most of the time it is connected to the router but not to the internet giving me this message "additional log on information may be required" normally what should happen is that I have to log on to the internet and write in the SSID and PW ( I think ) but as I am not able to connect to the internet it is impossible for me to do so.

I believe that one reason to this could be the signal strength, and that this is what is making me drop out of the wifi. So I got myself a WIFI extender which I am now not able to set up....

I am not sure if you make any sense out of this but basically this is my problem:
Can connect to router, router does not let me connect to the internet.

P.S We have several computers in the house and they are all able to connect to the internet without any problems.
P.S.S I have gotten internet in some occasions with drop outs.

Update: Alright I have now disconnected the extender, and I am now able to connect to the internet, although the signal is very weak, just sitting at 1 dot. This means that it is the extender that is causing me to not be able to connect to the internet while I need the extender to get internet to my computer. Does anyone have any experience with extenders?

So again I am using a Wireless TP-link card (N), I have a TP-Link extender and a Netgear router.

Thanks for any help!
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    The extender is not setup right.
    Please look at the link bellow.

    Before configuration, please get the right information of the Root Router.
    Once you have them, you need to log into the extender and set it up.
  2. Alright, how do I access the TP link extender then it is online and i can connect to it but somehow I cannot connect to the settings
  3. I got into the extender, although do i need to set up a static IP adress to my PC?
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