Thermal paste application for direct touch cooler (Enermax ETS-T40-BK)

Wasn't sure what forum to throw this on. I picked up an ENERMAX ETS-T40-BK for a build im throwing together for my father. Ive never used an Enermax cooler but its rated well and looked pretty so i figured what the hell. The only thing is it uses an odd direct contact heatpipe system it seems. I havent built a computer in years, the first one ive build with modern cooling fans was when i helped my cousin put his together a few weeks back and he used the CM hyper evo. Im not too clear on how i should apply the paste here.

In the past i always just used the pea/rice drop method and it worked fine. But that was back in the early 2000's. Now we have quad core chips and stuff. For my cousins i used the line method. 2 thin straight lines on it. Would that be better for this cooler? Maybe the X method? Or would the pea method be the best? Its the fact that its direct contact that has me a bit concerned. Can anyone tell me what i should do? Im not doing the spread method, ive always hated that and think it does nothing but put air bubbles and problems in the paste.

OH, by the way im using Tuniq TX-2 Cooling paste. I usually used arctic silver 5 in the past all the time and it works great but i wanted to try some new brands/products i havent before with this build and i heard this stuff works great. Is it good? I almost got the TX-4 but this was actually rated better
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  1. the same principals apply in the 2013 as well. u can either use a pea sized amount or a line in the centre. making an X will simply waste the paste.
  2. c4capricorn said:
    the same principals apply in the 2013 as well. u can either use a pea sized amount or a line in the centre. making an X will simply waste the paste.

    but as i said this is a unique heatsink. It doesn't have a pad like everything ive used in the past its a direct contact, or as they call it direct touch ( HDT). There are grooves between the pipes that have me concerned about just doing the standard method. Wouldn't the pea or line method leave gaps?

    *edit* I could maybe put some paste in the channels between the pipes then the dot method but im afraid that would be too much paste
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    Wrap your index finger with a layer of Saran Wrap, put a dab of TIM on it and rub it between the grooves of the heatsink base and exposed heatpipes to fill in the gaps. Wipe off the excess TIM.

    Put an appropriate amount of TIM on the CPU heat spreader and mount the heatsink to the CPU as you would normally do.
  4. oh k i get it now... ko888 explained the procedure in detail. however one thing, after filling the gaps if u get an even surface, dont apply much amount on the cpu HS. just half of pea size will do.
  5. filled the grooves a bit then just did the standard pea drop. Seems to have worked alright though i had some problems applying the stupid fan. It didnt want to line up right and slid around a bit when i was putting it on. Made me very uneasy since you really want a good solid straight application with it, but it seems to be ok. I havent stress tested it much yet though
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