Saving Money on This Rig?

Pretty much I'm trying to fit a whole gaming rig in for under a grand (I live is Australia so everythings costs a bit more here). The parts below will run me about a grand.

1.Intel i5 4670K Haswell ($280)
2.MSI Z87-GD45 gaming ($200)
3.G.Skill 4Gb x 2 Ripjaws ($100)
4. Gigabyte GeForce GTX760 Windforce ($330)
5. Corsair GS-600 ($100)

So I want to save a bit more money, say $150-200 so I can get HDD's, a case and a CD drive and still fall in budget. What parts above would you change so I could save money but also so I could get the least change in performance? (No OC)
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    If you don't plan to OC, don't get a "K" version of the 4670, you will save a little.
    You can also reduce the PSU a bit to 520 or 550W, it should be enough. Just be careful to take a PSU compatible with the new Haswell CPUs, check here :

    Also, you can take a GTX 660 instead of the 760, you will save maybe 50$ or so. The 760 performs better than the 660 but the difference won't be so big I think.

  2. if yyou arent going to overclock, get a slightly cheaper cpu. the windforce version of the 760 isnt than necesary. thhe plain old 760 will do fine(i especially like the evga one because it looks sleeker and more elegant.)
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