how to enable graphical ram?

hi every one
i run windows server 2012 on my PC
and I have 2 GB of physical ram module on it and
my graphic card is ati xfx radeon hd 4650 1 g ddr2
but the problem is it shows me only 2gb of available ram
seems my Gram is not detected or maybe not enabled
have the same issue in other OSs
updated the device
reconfigured the sys but neither of them worked .
any answer would be appreciated ...
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  1. The ram on the graphics card is not available for windows an so it is not reported. It is only used by the graphics card.
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    The memory on your graphics card is independent from the system. Sometimes the OS may allow it to use some of the RAM that's on the motherboard, but I don't think there are any operating systems that can treat the video cards RAM as an extension of the system RAM. Some GPGPU programs might be able to make use of the video RAM, but they would treat it specially.
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