Sapphire HD 7770 OC Shader Clock N/A ?

I have a Sapphire HD 7770 OC (with the leatest Sapphire Heatsink)

When I look in Shaher Clock is says "N/A" in grey :

It says "Ati radeon cards have Shader Clock linked to Core Clock but shouldnt it show it?

(Note : it happens with every card which I buy and is Overclock Edition)
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  1. not sure it shows it on ati cards. i know none of my programs have but on my nvidias some you could adjust indiviually.
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    AFAIK amd never disclosed their shader clock. but from general knowledge it will be the same as the core clock since they were linked (clock wise). the same goes with nvidia kepler. for fermi and older generation their shader were hot clocked (which means the shader will be clock twice as faster than core clock).
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