Monitor went black, CPU still running

When I open Spotify today, I experienced a problem. My screen suddenly went black and I cant see nothing else. CPU was still running good and I tried to hit CRT+ALT+DEL but nothing working. I had to reboot the whole system using reset button. The screen went back to normal and the system run fine. Can you guys please help me about this problem please? I am kinda frustrated because this is my new build and I also experienced this problem once while playing DMC. This is my Spec so you guys can overlook for me please:
i5 3470, Ram corsair vengeance 8gb., Asus HD7790 , SSD+ HDD PSU 600 W. Please help me
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  1. seems like your graphics card. try reseating your card as well as check your mobo manual to see what slot it says to use for a single gpu. some differ but its generally the 1st slot.
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    7790 shouldn't have any problems with DMC, so be sure that your graphics drivers are up to date. If they are, try reseating the card as the above user said.
  3. I just update to the newest driver and I will test to see if any problem while playing DMC
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