No network drivers after Windows 7 clean install for Dell xps 8500

System: Dell XPS 8500 OPS: Windows 7 64bit

After doing a clean install of Windows 7 I am missing drivers. Listed in other devices are: Ethernet Controller, Network Controller, PCI Simple Communications Controller, and SM Bus Controller. After looking around the forums is looks like the only thing I need to get back up and running is the Network driver.

I am trying this one at the moment: Dell Wireless WLAN 1501 Half Mini-Card (4313bgn), v., A00.

Seeing I have to travel to get this issue fixed. I thought I would post here, so if this does not fix the problem. someone might be able to help me.
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  1. Go to dells's support site and enter your service tag. You should be able to download all necessary drivers from there.
  2. Thanks, that is where I got the one I am going to try. just not sure if it is the correct one.
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    The PCI Simple Communications Controller and SM Bus Controller are part of the (Intel) chipset drivers. These may even have come on your dell driver CD.

    When you enter your service tag, look under original configuartion and see if you can spot which network/ethernet/wireless you have. That should help narrow down the drivers for you.
  4. Ethernet drivers should be listed as "Realtek" in the drivers disc or may be "broadcom" under the category, once you have this installed on the computer, you will be able to access internet via wired connection, once you get access to internet, you can go to and then enter your service tag and then get a list of all the drivers filtered by the OS type. also if your not sure which card your using , go to the properties of the driver which is being listed under the category "other" in device manager, go to details tab and under the "property field" you will have a drop down box, click on it and choose the entry "hardware id" and that should give you the hardware id for that particular device, copy that hardware id and check in google you should be able to find out which device it is.
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