Fresh OS install?

I am replacing my motherboard and memory.

I currently have Asrock 970 extreme and GSkill sniper 1866 16gb

I am replacing with with either the crosshair v or the sabertooth. I was thinking the UD7 but under the newegg feedback it was torn to shreds with huge issues. Like putting more than 2 sticks of memory in causes it to downclock the memory, horrible support, multiple failed boards.

So now I am at sabertooth or crosshair and the sabertooth on the newegg feedback is only 1 in 5 higher than 2 eggs on the it seems due to lots of issues. So I am just going to spring the extra 40-50$ just to get a board that I know will work out of box without screwing me later down the road.

Anyways as I said I have the 970 extreme right now, I would like to upgrade to the crosshair v, is it recommended that I do a fresh install of windows. IS this the case or would i be able to skirt by without it?

Here is the build I am going for:

As I said I am only swapping out the memory and mobo. Everything else I already have and running fine.
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  1. What OS do you have? Is it an OEM or retail copy?
  2. I have a retail copy.
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