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I got my Gigabyte GTX760 yesterday and since my 1080p monitor broke down, I was forced to use my old 17'' Flatron :D
Since I play mainly BF3, I wanted to test the frames and I was a bit dissapointed. With my old GTX560Ti on 1280x1024 without AA,AF and shadows, I was getting solid 60FPS. I was reading reviews about this card, and I found, that on 1080p maxed settings, it should run the same. But it runs at 60-80fps on 1280x1024. I was looking at temps and usage and it was sitting at about 55 degrees and the usage was about 60-70%.
Can the card be bottlenecked by my i5 760? I cant OC it, because the mobo is a cheap Gigabyte, but im saving money on i5 3570k, since I have a P67 Fatal1ty in my house somewhere.
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  1. At that resolution the CPU becomes the bottleneck, at 1080P the GPU. Basically means that the 760 is an overkill for that low resolution
  2. You could max out BF3 at that res on a Gameboy Advance, the GPU has nothing more to render so it doesn't max out.
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    I don't know if this will help, but I've found with many current games, resolution changes rarely give any noticeable differences. For example, in BF3, on max settings on 720, I could get around 120fps then switch to 1080p and get the same frame rate. I don't see resolution as an issue anymore, which kinda sucks because if you get 120 on max at 1080p, you would think you would get higher frame rate at say 720p, but I just haven't seen it recently.

    It may not be a bottleneck at all. It just may be that your performance is 60-80fps regardless of resolution, as it seems to be the case with my PC. Hope this helps.
  4. I'm a bit confused about what the issue is, you said it should run at 60fps then said it runs at 60-80fps. Maybe you did not put something in the post you meant to.

    A way to see if you need a faster CPU, run 3DMark with both your cards. The correct way would be to take 3 tests with each card, reboot between each test and average the scores. More than 3 tests are even better, but 3 would give you a much truer score than just one test.

    There is a pretty in-depth article here although it's a few years old.
  5. maybe your problem is the vertical sync, uncheck the vertical sync and maybe you fps ups.

    sorry for my english but im from venezuela and i dont speak and write perfect english.
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