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I have my daughters old Sony Vaio vgn-n320e. It originally came with Vista, however,she had a friend downgrade to xp. I think he formatted the harddrive as there is no boot part. I am also not sure if he used a sony disc for XP either. Should i buy the rec. discs for xp or vista. if xp which drivers do i use xp or vista. Can I upgrade to Win 7 with this model, i believe it came with 2 g ram. Thanks
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    Your choice. XP is a good solid OS, but Vista is perfectly fine and usable as well. The drivers are the same for the most part but if you are giving an option, I hope your are wise enough to figure out which to go with.

    Windows 7 probably wont be an option, but you should probably look at their website and the drivers they provide there for it. If they have Windows 7 drives then you should be fine. IF they don't, then it is a crapshoot at best.
  2. Hardware wise, anything that ran vista well will run 7 even better. But the real problem like Skippy said is drivers, if they have them i'd go Windows 7, if not, probably vista (it's not that bad once you get it fully updated)
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