How do you hook up a 4 wrie in-ceiling speaker to a computer?

we are currently renting out a building with in-ceiling speakers. There are 4 speaker wires (blue, orange, white with a blue stripe, & white with an orange stripe). We would like to hook these wires up to a computer to play Pandora through them.
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  1. Is this just 2 speakers? A speaker will have a positive and a negative wire, I'd assume the blue's g together and the orange go together, which is positive and which is negative I couldn't tell you without looking at the reverse of the speaker, but generally I think the striped ones are negative. I took a quick look just now and have looked before but I do not recall ever seeing a sound card that takes raw speaker wire in as an output, I think you will need a receiver in between.
  2. You'll need an amp or receiver of some sort, and the appropriate cable to go from the sound outputs on the PC, to the AUX input on the receiver.
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    Since those are ceiling speakers there is a very good chance that they are constant voltage units(either 70V or 100V) in which case you will need a constant voltage amplifier as a normal amp will not work.
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