New Motherboard (intel) + CPU ! Unable to boot ... blue screens


I just purchased a new motherboard and CPU. I have found an used i5-650 for a good price and i bought a new motherboard to fit it in (Intel DH55TC). I alos bought 4gb newDDR3 RAM set to fit it with the new board.

The problem is, i try to boot but i keep getting blue screens with error messages (IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL). I changed my RAM at the store with a new one (in case the old one had problems) but nothing changed. I tried to switch my RAM in other DIMM slots/channels but i still get that blue screen. I tried using only 1 HDD and i tried different SATA ports but it didn't change anything. SOmetimes i get a blue screen with BAD_POOL_HEADER error.

I am unable to even enter safe mode or to boot from CD or anything. As soon as windows loads the boot files the windows loading screen appears and 1 second after, i get a blue screen

I took out my videocard fron the pcie slot (nVidia gtx650ti) and my soundcard from my PCI slot (m audio delta66) thinking that maybe they have hardware conflicts but even with minimalistic setup (only 1 hdd,cpu,cd drive plugged into the moterboard). nothing works.

Any clues ? Thank you very much
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  1. Did you install Windows, or is this an install from the old motherboard and cpu?
  2. ^ +1

    You can try changing the bios SATA mode to IDE just in case it is a very simple issue and your old chipset was also Intel and not ancient (if it was AMD don't waste your time), Windows 7 has a little flexibility but not that much.

    You will likely end up doing a clean install.
  3. Thank you for the quick replies,

    My old cpu was a Intel E5200 with an AMI motherboard (that came with an old compaq presario - dont laugh please :). I have had installed Win7 on that old setup.

    RIght now i just want to format my drives and do a clean install of windows 8. I don't care about losing my data. I want to do a clean install but the system always crashes.

    When i go in F8 advanced startup otpions, i tried everything, safe mode, safe mode + command prompt, but it didn't work.

    I think in safe mode when it loads the drivers it stops at drive(s)?.sys ... maybe this can help
  4. In safe mode, the blue screen appears just after loading disk.sys
  5. Did you install Windows 8, and can't get it to boot, or are you still trying to get it to boot to the old windows 7 install?
  6. I did not install Windows 8 yet. I have Win7 installed from my previous motherboard + cpu config
    For the moment i just want to boot from a disk in order to format my hard drive :( and do a clean install of everything
  7. FYI, i tried to use an old WinXp CD to boot from it and acces command promp, but the system bugs and the screen freezez when it says : "Examining 152626 MB Disk 0 at Id0 on bus 0 on atapi
  8. Why not just use the win 8 disk, and it will let you format the drive during the install.
  9. Because when i insert the Win8 cd, i see the logo and then the system crashes before having any options ...
  10. Any ideas anyone please :( ??
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    Disconnect any USB hard drives or memory sticks and any additional hard drives -- you want only the one hard drive attached and the optical drive.

    Then I would go back to the Windows 7 install disk (not an old Compaq recovery disk), make sure to set the optical drive ahead of the HDD in the bios and get to the Windows preinstallation environment like THIS where you will only use the command prompt. If you can get there use diskpart commands to clean the drive:

    list disk
    select disk n (where n is the target drive number from list disk)
  12. Hi,
    I understand but i can not get into the windows preinstalation environment.
    So i plugged my old motherboard and i formatted my both drives (thinking maybe there was a problem with the old system installed). Right now, both drives are formatted.

    I only plugged my cd drive and my HDD and i boot from the CD. Windows is loading the necessary files but as soon as the files are loaded, i see the "Starting Windows" screen and 2 seconds after, the computer crashes and i get a blue screen with IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL.

    So i can not even start the installation and acces any recovery/repair app.

    I spent all night trying to fix this thing ...

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