New computer build shutting down while trying to play games

Hi this is my first forum post, I recently built a computer for gaming (2 weeks ago) since my last computer motherboard died on me and had old hardware, so I decided to upgrade to the new stuff that the market has and leave just 1 thing of my old build, the PSU a 1000W Ultra X3

So currently, as the post title says the computer suddenly shuts down after opening a game and playing between 10s to 1 min depending on the game.

For example, Crysis 3, almost instant after load screen when trying to start a new campaign while the new Sim City or Tomb Raider 1minute

The first thing I thought was temperatures, so I downloaded evga precision tool and measured the temperature of my GPU before the computer shuts down at least 40 times, the maximum temperature it got was 46C in Sim City.

After that i thought well, maybe its the CPU or the RAM, I downloaded MEMTEST86 and ran it via USB, no errors where produced, I ran it 10 times just to be sure of that. Also did the same thing with Windows 8 Memory tool in the recovery USB.

For the CPU I used Prime95 and made a test of 24Hours, it ran without problems, my maximum temperature was 56C using a Corsair H100i and i have not done any overclocking yet.

So... probably a thing of both? I downloaded Fumark and have it running for 10 hours straight as we speak with Prime95 also running and my GPU maximum temperature is 67C while my CPU reached 58C-59C depending the core you looked.

My question is, this two benchmarks running at the same time are unrealistic cases, this should use more energy from my PSU than what a game can right? Is there something else I could test to see what it's wrong in my computer, it doesn't turn off while doing heavy rendering work in After Effects, neither encoding a HD movie to iTunes MP4 format with Handbrake, it doesn't turn off while using Heaven Benchmark 4.0 at 1920x1200 with extreme preset on the graphics and neither fumark.

Temperatures doesn't seem like a problem, so What I should do? I also downloaded Hardware Monitor and it says the values of the voltages of some things that the PSU delivers but the range seems good in my opinion, probably different from yours, is this the problem?

Also a sensor in the temperatures on the screenshots says 128C which I find ridiculous because nothing is that hot and I read it's a common thing on Gigabyte motherboards.

Here is an image of hardware monitor and the voltages I was talking about

My computer specs are listed below.
Intel core i5 4670K Stock
16GB corsair dominator 1866Mhz
Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD5H Z87
eVGA GTX770 with ACX cooler SC
Ultra X3 1000W PSU
1 Corsair quiet edition 140mm
2 Corsair quiet edition 120mm
3 stock fan cases
Corsair h100i cooling the CPU
2 SDDs of 128GB from Sandisk, one running windows and the other one is waiting for OSX Mavericks so
1 WD 300GB Velociraptor just to put some games that do not requiere the speed of the SSD
1 WD 1TB Green for storage of music and pictures
1 WD 500GB for Mac OSX Files (PSD files and Illustrator mostly)
1 WD 250GB to cache some of the resources I use in AE (Effects and presets for AE that i have, nothing else)
Everything is inside a Corsair 400r in a well ventilated space, running on a room with Air Conditioner turn on 16/7

My room max temperature registered is 31C while in summer with the AC. I live in Venezuela which is a Tropical Country
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    Your motherboard temperature is ridiculous! I would RMA that to the retailer you bought that off or to Gigabyte right away. If those temps continue, you could fry the very precious components on the motherboard.
  2. dottorrent said:
    Your motherboard temperature is ridiculous! I would RMA that to the retailer you bought that off or to Gigabyte right away. If those temps continue, you could fry the very precious components on the motherboard.

    You mean the 128C? yeah that's a common error from Gigabyte motherboards, I have two friends that have different boards and hardware monitor and realtemp report the same lecture for that sensor, it seems that sensor doesn't even exist on the board so that's the default of the program, if you take a look at speed fan here you will see that their default temperature is -128C which is also impossible if anything else is below 0C
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