Is this good for AMD ?

Like to ask if these specs are good for this kinds if games:
Dota2,Call of Duty 3,BattleField 3 and Bioshock 2 infinite ?
These are the SPECS:
AMD A4-5300 3.6ghz APU
Asus F2a55m LKr2
4gb Kingston ddr3 RAM
Integrated AMD Radeon HD 7450 Video Card

Thank you for response..
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  1. The dual core and low/mid on-die GPU will be OK for med settings at 720p. Maybe even 1440x900. At least playing single player.
  2. You won't have very much luck at all with an integrated graphics card, I wouldn't put money on you being able to play even on low settings. You sure the HD 7450 is integrated and not discrete?
  3. Im really not sure if its discrete because some1 is selling that package and it say that it is integrated.. so do i need to buy VC so i can play it on high graphics?
  4. +1^
    I assumed the OP meant discrete. Or maybe he meant to type HD 7480D?
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    High settings will require a discrete card at least HD 7850 and a PSU that can handle it. Again... it depends on your monitor's resolution.
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