Lag spikes, can someone help me address the issue?

Hello, I'm a TF2 player, and under normal circumstances my PC is able to max out TF2 no problem. But as of recently, I noticed my PC was starting to lag a lot. At first I thought it was my Ping... But then I turned on fraps and my frame rate normal minimum is 40 FPS. But when I was playing today, it would dip down to 10FPS! Can anyone tell me what might be going on? Lately I've been folding... is it a possibility I stressed my machine too much? Or could it be the newest update windows has out? I just updated this morning.

My Specs are:
HD 7870 IceQ
4Gb usable ram (due to defective motherboard)
Phenom II x4 840
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  1. First thing i would look at is what programs are running in the background to see if there is an issue there. Make sure there is nothing else useing the extra resources you have while your trying to game.
  2. Ram usage when gaming is 20% This is what my GPU looks like...
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    your screen shot only shows the GPU in its low power state and not being used. while gaming use the processes tab in task manager and see if a program is using a lot of CPU or ram other than TF2. Use windowed mode to be able to do this. You will need to be in game not ALT/Tabbed out.
  4. Thanks... this is my first time using GPUz
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