Display is being really wierd...HELP!

So my PC just started doing this. I have had this unit for around 6-7 years and I believe it is the graphics card but I am not sure.

What do you guys think?

I tried cleaning it and getting all of the dust off of the fans but that didnt seem to help any." class="img lazy">

Ok, so I plugged the monitor directly to the motherboard slot and it seems to be up and running." class="img lazy">

the card I was running was a NVIDIA 8600GT 1g. do you guys i get another video card? I dont really have the funds for an entirely new system yet
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  1. can you pull the card and connect the monitor to the back of motherboard?
  2. Yeah, just plugged it in and it looks like its starting alright. the mouse isnt working but the screen looks normal
  3. Sounds like your GPU is screwed. Although you could try cleaning the contacts with something like a pencil eraser and reseating it.
  4. bad gpu.
  5. restarted it and everything seems to be working with it plugged straight into the motherboard
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    Would agree the GPU has gone the way of the dodo bird. Looks like bad VRam to me.
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