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My laptop screen recently started giving a weird display issue where the screen is pixelated and lines were running down it, horizontal at the top and vertical as well. Originally there was an image in the background at the windows loading screen only, also very distorted. I opened it up and reseated the ribbon cable which seemed to be loose and not fully connected to the LCD screen. After I put it back together, now there is no image at the loading screen, but the whole screen is as it was before, with lines. I've hooked it up to an external monitor and the image displays correctly so I'm guessing it's not the videocard or motherboard. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what it could be?

Here is how it looks:

Also the computer is an Acer eMachine E440
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  1. It looks as though the screen is shot and needs to be replaced. I only say that because you say the image is fine when connected to an external monitor.
    Replacement screen:
    Video how-to on screen replacement:
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