Help Me Find? Small i7 Pad or Laptop 4 Dragon Naturally Speaking

Okay here is what I need- really appreciate it.

1) I TYPE TERRIBLY and have to travel with an external keyboard because I cannot use laptop keyboards- the keys aren't big enough and my typing constantly "jumps around" on me and I can't stand it.

2) I also travel with a mouse- I HAAAATE touch screens. They are always causing typing errors because I suppose I must "brush" them inadvertently. Would love to eliminate/disable.

3) I use Dragon Naturally Speaking and, to work well, it needs the fastest possible processor and 6 gb ram. Gaming computers are thought to work well for Dragon.

4) I want the smallest and most lightweight I can get while still sturdy, from a manufacturer with a reputation for longevity and sturdiness.

5) I do not game. I do not care about image quality or sound card.

6) It would be awesome to get a pad since I have to use an external full-sized keyboard and mouse but it's hard to find a pad powerful enough for my Dragon software (which requires MUCH higher specs to run well than Dragon claims on their website).

7) I want windows 7 and have to be able to at least reinstall to get it.

8) Don't care about extra long-lasting batteries or modem gadgets and do not want a fingerprint login.

9) Want a minimum of 2 bus ports- have had bad luck with port hubs

If I could get a built- in keyboard with nice, deep keys that didn't "jump around" and could just disable the touchpad altogether, I might actually be able to use a built-in keyboard.

Still with me? Thanks so much for any ideas! -Katherine

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  1. Let's see:
    no keyboard
    mouse capable

    I do not think this exists. The closest you might get is an all-in-one + keyboard + mouse. But then routine transport may be an issue.
  2. Budget and screen size?
  3. Surface Pro? Not 6GB of RAM though.
  4. k1114 said:
    Budget and screen size?

    Budget open. Screen size: the smaller the better
  5. JD88 said:
    Surface Pro? Not 6GB of RAM though.

    My Dragon pro says 6GB Ram is a must. Thanks!
  6. Best answer
    Trying to find a tablet with high specs and w7 drivers is mostly futile. Though you could go with a convertible ultrabook. Looking for anything with w7 drivers cuts out a lot of choices. I know lenovo provides w7 drivers so may want to look at the yoga or twist.
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