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Ok I have a question. I recently bought a motherboard, cpu, and ram. I checked to see if it could fit and all the plugs and that, but since i'm fairly new to computers i didn't check to see if the cpu was compatible with the RAM. Also, I bought tri-channel RAM instead of dual when the motherboard only does dual. I realize that you can put 2 pieces of the RAM into the motherboard and it will recognize as dual and i can buy another ram stick in the future. My question is will the RAM work with the cpu. Please help me out, also tell me if anything else is wrong if its. Thanks in advance.



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  1. It should work but you can only utilize dual channel with 2 sticks, or single channel with all 3. Single channel is not the worst thing and would allow you to use all the RAM you purchased.
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    Believe the Pro supports Flex mode, so if you put the sticks in slots 1-2-3 it should run 8GB in dual channel and the other 4 GB will flex, and run in single channel
  3. Ok thanks guys!
  4. Let us know how it goes, can prob close the thread
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