Heavy decrease in gaming performance (FPS drops, overheating)

I have a Lenovo Y570 Ideapad and my problem involves my laptop fan. I must warn you that I am not too familiar with the hardware of computer, so go easy on me! In the past, I played games without FPS issues. All the games my computer could handle (I have an nvidia GeForce 555M graphics card and an integrated intel family graphics card) with no problem. Although the fan may have been blaring loudly, I had no FPS issues. I went on a 2 week vacation, which means my laptop received a 2 week break. After I got back, I noticed the FPS drops. I've downloaded various programs to check my GPU and CPU temperature such as MSI Afterburner. I have no observed my GPU temperatures in the past as I did not see a need to do so; however, now when the GPU temperature reaches 60 degrees celsius, the frames of whatever game I am playing will drop occasionally. The fan seems much quieter than before. I have gone through super dust cleaning, so far as to removing my fan completely and cleaning the dust underneath that, and replacing it back into the casing. This problem has really restricted my potential to play various games I used to play as the choppy fps I get makes the game unplayable and unenjoyable. Now the thing that makes my problem "unique" to all the other overheating problems is that my computer USED to run fine, until a period a time of no use, then the fan started to "die". I have run anti-virus scans countless times, all that ever show up are tracking cookies which I doubt slow down computer hardware. Any help would be great, Thanks!
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    There's no relationship between cookies etc and your fan.

    A laptop fan simply spins faster as it gets hotter. However, if it is actually BROKEN and thus spinning slower then your laptop would prevent the CPU and GPU from achieving previous performance.

    It's difficult to help from here, but if it actually is your FAN then you need to replace it. Nothing else will help.

    *You should run a benchmark tool (i.e. Futuremark, 3DMark) with no VSYNC cap. Also try Prime95 to stress your CPU. If your fan is operating properly you should hear it get really loud.

    If you're certain that under load it's much quieter than normal, then again I guess it's broken and needs to be replaced. Contact Lenovo I guess.
  2. How does one replace a computer fan. Can I buy a new one and just switch it, or should I find a computer expert, and where would I find such a computer expert capable of doing something like this. I've heard that chain store computer services such as Best Buys are more expensive than local ones. Should I just walk around town looking for stores?
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