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OK, if someone else has already asked this one, I'm sorry!
I've just gotten a new machine, and although I've built several gaming machines over the years, this is the first one I've had set up with an SSD, or anything else, as a dedicated Boot Drive, although I HAVE had several with multiple hard dries.
Anyway, I'd like to know whether there's a way to ensure that whatever gets downloaded or installed does NOT ever wind up on the Boot Drive.
My machine has an I-7 3740qm processor in turbo mode with 32 gigs of 1866 mhz ram, a 64 gig SSD, and 3 500 gig drives in a Raid 0. I'm running Win7 ultimate, and the machine has dual Radeon 7970's running in Crossfire.
I'm afraid that I may need to wipe the SSD and reinstall Windows, as it seems that I'm already filling up that drive, to the point where all I've got left for space is less than 6 gigs.
I've tried to be diligent about where I install stuff, (on the other drive), but I have to assume that there's been some stuff slip by.
Any help would be appreciated...
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  1. I think you have the cpu model number wrong:

    there is no way that all that hardware will fit into a laptop that I am aware of. though unlikely, I could be wrong and wouldn't mind a second opinion. though I am 98% sure.

    as for your question, change the default download location in your browsers and move the temp internet files folder to another drive as well.
  2. Hard Line,
    Thanks for the info on the browser... I'll do that. What about preventing anything from being installed to the drive. My kids aren't supposed to use this machine, but.... Is there a way to set the SSD to a "Read Only" state?
    As to the hardware... It's correct. It's an Alienware M18x.... It's the original configuration, with the exception that I replaced the DVD burner with a Blu-Ray burner combo drive. Other than that, it's just how I bought it.
  3. you can't make the ssd read only. however you can create a password on your windows account and they won't be able to get in without it.
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    Here is a thread with instructions on how to redirect all of the clutter to your HDD:

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