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I am planning to buy a CM Storm Stryker and the Problem I've noticed was that It has only White LED Fans

I am planning to buy 4 120mm LED Fans . The Cabinate has 240mm Top which will be replaced by my 2 120mm Fans . Next There are 2 120mm Side fans Installed in Cabinate which are controlled by Fan Controller , Therefor I don't want to remove those but I still want 2 more 120mm Fans Installed .

My Question is that Can I Install my 2 120mm fans in Front ? i.e. Like in Antec Twelve Hundred V3 ?

Note : The back 140mm fan will be replaced with my Liquid Cooling so There is not Option for me to Installed my Fans their . I want to Install them in Front .

Please Answer this . Its very Important to me .

Thanks in Future :)
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  1. Cooling System

    80mm Fans

    120mm Fans
    2 x 120mm LED Front Fan

    140mm Fans
    1 x 140mm Rear Fan

    200mm Fans
    1 x 200mm Top Fan
  2. @SR-71 Blackbird , I know that it does not support 80 mm fans , Has 240mm top fan , 120mm 2 Side fans ( Can be seen through side fan air filter ) and 140mm back fan . I wanted to know that , Can I install 2 120mm fans in front ( i.e. So I can see the LED fans in front where 5.25 inch bay's area . Just Like HAF 920 has RED LED Fan in front which Can be seen .
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    Yes you can turn the fans to face any direction in that case, I have it and the front fans are universal if you want them facing the front you can change the drive bay setting so that the hard drive cords are visible or if you don't want any wires visible you can position the cage to the right or left so the fans are blowing out the side or sucking in. It is completely modular in the front of the case which is why I love it atm :)

    Personally I prefer the white lighting as it looks awesome in this photo:
  4. That is a really sweet case!
  5. Hi

    Thanks for the post and the replies. I also have a similar question. Can I install both 2x front fans and 2x side fans such that my casing will have a total of 8 fans at one time (2x front fans, 2x side fans, 2x bottom fans, 1 x back fan and 1x top fan).

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