can i power a 3.5 inch Sata drive using usb adapter from 2.5 inch external drive?

i tried to connect the sata to usb adapter from my broken Toshiba HDDR320E03E (2.5inch) external hard drive to my 3.5 Seagate internal drive. I want to ask why it doesn't show up in My Computer but show up on device manager in control panel. The Sata Hard drive can be detected and used when connected to sata on the motherboard. Can i power a 3.5 inch Sata drive using usb adapter from 2.5 inch external drive? Does it require more power so the computer can show it?
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  1. The 2.5" drive gets power from the USB connection.

    A 3.5" or older requires more power.

    You must provide power to the connector on the 5.25" drive.

    Also, it's not hot-swappable so you must attach it before you boot your computer. The best way to do this is leave the side of your case to reach the PSU connector.

    You could also just MOUNT it like normal. Is there no space?

    *You really have a 5.25" SATA drive? I didn't even know they existed.
  2. sorry, I was talking about the length of my hard drive when i put 5.25, I'm not that techy so I didn't know that hard drives are measured by it's width not it's length. I already changed 5.25 to 3.5 so people won't get confused. Anyways thanks for the reply, I'm just experimenting on hard drives, I used to have this WD2000 sata (200gb) and replaced it with a seagate ST3500641AS (500gb) for my computer (both 3.5"). I was just wondering if any of my 3.5 sata drives is compatible to my broken Hitachi HDDR320E03 (2.5") by using it's sata to usb adapter inside. I noticed that it show's up on my device manager under disk drives but it doesn't show up on My computer in windows xp. When I try to connect it in Windows 7, it tries to install the drive, also show up in device manager but doesn't show up on My computer. I think the power from my 2.5" sata to usb adapter is not enough to power up the 3.5" sata hard drive
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