PC freezes/crashes with buzzing sounds!

- Intel i5 3550 quad corr 3.3Ghz
- Asus P8z77v-LK
- GTX 660 Ti 2Gb
- Corsair Vengeance RAM 16Gb 1600Mhz
- WD 500Gb HDD
- Corsair HX 750W

Well this problem has been going on for a while now. (8 months) I am going to list all the things I did as an attempt(s) to fix this problem:

- Reformatted hard drive (W7)
- RMA'd GPU, got refurbished one
- Memtest 86 (all slots, all dims)
- Prime 95 (CPU temps are fine)
- Furmark (GPU temps are fine)
- Cleaned out dust
- RMA'd motherboard, it was fine
- Took everything apart, rewired everything (rebuild)
- Bought a PSU tester, works fine
- Replaced thermal paste
- Switched RAM with a friend, still
- Disabled CPU turbo in BIOS
- Uninstalled realtek audio drivers
- Updated all drivers for GPU, Mobo, BIOS

After trying all of these, My PC still freezes. It tends to freeze under load. During gaming or watching YouTube videos. I'm always an on skype to, while listening to music or gaming also. I have had a few BSODs and debugged the code which was titled as an "uncorrectable hardware error" and confirmed that this problem is not a software related
issue. I honestly don't have any idea about what I should try next. Should I borrow a friend's GPU? Should I get a new HDD? RMA the CPU? Everything in the BIOS is stock. I am also using a turtle beach headset which is kind of messed up. Could it somehow be the cause? I doubt it, just pointing out some possibilities. When it freezes, I am forced to do a hard reset. The audio is just a looped buzzing sound and I can't do anything but reset. Any suggestions? Thanks guys
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  1. u_gonna_squeal_b4_we_cookya said:
    Sounds like you did everything but try a different hard drive and a different CPU. Have you done any HDD diagnostics? Try HD Sentinel: http://www.hdsentinel.com/ It will run several tests to check the integrity of the drive. If there is a hardware issue with your drive it will find it. Look at every tab on the drive. Also, run all the tests (icons on the top) the surface test, seek test and hard drive test. You can also customize each test. You can do a quick test or a long intensive test.

    Try this first. If it doesn't find anything, then you might try a new CPU as it is the only other constant that has been there the whole time you have been having the problem.

    Alright man, I will try the HDD diagnostics first thing tomorrow and report back. Thanks for the help and link!
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