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Hello. Recently I've been having issues with my Samsung laptop. It would randomly turn off (not black screen, actually turn off) the screen and any connected monitors. It could be mid way though a game, at login screen, or even when idle. This black screen produces no logs (that I could find) on the system, and no BSOD as far as I can tell. The only BSOD that I've gotten in the last few days was a MEMORY_MANAGEMENT, and it wasn't even complete. Here's a picture of the BSOD, notice it's not complete and on bottom there are pink lines. Pic:

I googled the MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSOD error, and I came to the conclusion that my RAM has gone bad. (Which would also explain the pink lines, because my laptop has an APU, which utilizes part of RAM for GPU). So I ran a Memtest for a few hours, it came up with absolutely nothing:

So I decided that it was a driver problem (someone mentioned that drivers could cause the error). So I decided to run a Windows Driver Verifier. While using the verifier, it made my sound scratch and skip, and made some of my games unplayable. But the system remained stable. As soon as I disabled the verifier, my computer decided to not show me a login screen, but instead a repeating image with some white lines:
This happened a few minutes ago, since then I went into safe mode and re-enabled the Driver Verifier.

Have any of you seen anything like this? I need my laptop for school, and if I have a failing computer, I would rather back up data and move it somewhere else.

I will provide any information needed.

Brand: Samsung
Model: NP305V5A-A0CUS
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Processor: AMD A6-3410MX APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics (4 CPUs), ~1.6GHz
RAM Memory: 8GB
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 6520G
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  1. Problem solved, I re installed my graphics drivers and uninstalled any Image Mounting software (i.e. Daemon Tools).

    About 10 minutes after posting that, my computer performed yet another black out. I ran Video Memory Stress Test for 6 passes and no errors were found. Any suggestions on what to test next?
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