Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Won't Connect to the PC

Hi! Recently, I have bought an original Xbox 360 wireless controller and its receiver from this local game shop. After I have followed most of the common guides step by step, it still won't work (Connect to the PC).

The common guide is to be this type of guide: ""

After a few close observation, the controller does connects to the PC, but only for a brief moment, no longer then 1-5 seconds. It will do this for a few times but stopped completely afterwards. Sometimes the Device Manager did pick up the Xbox Controller and said that it is an unknown device.

What should I do to fix this problem?

After a few moments of roaming this site, I came across a thread with almost the identical problems ( I am having right now. But sadly it does not have any answers that can help me.

I have tried every USB port available on my PC and waited the least 30 mins on each port. The receiver is a genuine Microsoft PC Wireless Gaming Receiver and so is the controller.
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    have you downloaded the drivers? what version of windows? So you have the play n charge kit or the wireless dongle thing?
  2. dreamerz said:
    have you downloaded the drivers? what version of windows?

    Yeah I have downloaded the drivers. The version of windows my computer has is MS Windows 7 Home Basic 32-bit SP1 and I have the wireless dongle.
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