Migrate Win7 to SSD without original installation DVD

I got a ex corporate Lenovo X220, with a pre installed copy of Win7 and MS Office, without the original installer.

Think migrating both to a mSATA SSD that will be just 64-128 GB, I will use the internal HDD for less used data.

I read some comments about the migration procedure for the OS partition, but how much risk there are something goes wrong and I got a unusable laptop?
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    If your partition is smaller than the SSD, there's Clonezilla to migrate the partition. If not there are other tools, and you are copying the partition, not destroying the original so worse case is you can't do it and you have to use the original until you can afford 7 + Office licenses?
  2. I was wrong: just checked and I haven't any separate partition for OS.

    I just have one partition Windows7_OS where I have both OS and data, and one Lenovo_Recovery that contain Lenovo data.

    Might I create a new partition where I will shift all data, and leave in Windows7_OS only /boot, /Document and setting, /Intel, /Program Files, /ProgramData, /SystemVolumeInformation, /Users, /Windows directories? All of this are 93 GB on my HDD.
  3. How big is the SSD? kyzarvs was right about clonezilla.
  4. I still need to buy it, but since my primary HDD will be still in place I think to buy a small SSD such as 128 GB, just for the OS and programs.
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