Need help getting into my Netgear router with my Android

I'm sorry if I'm posting the wrong way/in the wrong place but can someone please help me with advice on how to get into my Netgear 7550 wireless router using only my LG Optimus G? My router is up and running but I need to tweak a few things as it is a hand-me-down. My PC is temporarily out of commission and the netgeargenie will not allow me to log in. As far as netgeargenie, either I'm not compatible or the old user info ain't jiving. Please help as soon as you can. Thanks so much ;)Pl
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    There are rules here about helping with passwords, as we have no way of know it is YOUR router and not someone elses. All I can say is to do a hard reset on the router with the reset button and set it up from scratch. Beyond that, I cannot help with password issues due to forum rules.
  2. [/Thanks but I didn't ask for, nor do I need a password. If you'd be so kind as to have another look at my original question, you'll see that my real issue is finding a way to access the router via my Android. FYI I know my password ;)
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