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My client is not getting good reception in her second floor and wants to use a second router as a range extender. I am fairly new at networking and have never done this before. Would I have to run a cable all the way from the first floor primary router to the second floor router? even then would it just work or would I need to play with configuration settings? how would I even access the config for the second router? (normally its just the LAN IP address in a browser. any tips would be much appreciated
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  1. My first thought would be to buy a good antenna for the primary router.

    Next would be to buy a stronger primary router in the first place. Perhaps convert to wireless n from g if that is the situation.

    If distance is a problem, I see no solution to connecting a remote wireless router except with a cable. Otherwise, you will have the same distance issue as now. A long lan cable is not expensive; I ran one from the upstairs router, outside the house, and back in downstairs.
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    While a cable is the best way to connect the second router configured as an AP, if that is not possible you can use a pair of Zyxel PLA5205kit powerline adapters instead of a cable. That particular model does a much better job that older adapters but requires that your power sockets are 3 prong, as it also uses the ground line to improve performance. I've used a lot of the older Zyxel PLA4205 adapters and they work pretty well, but the PLA5205 run about twice as fast.
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