Intel 930 i7 vs Intel 2400 i5

Hi all,

I have 2 computers in my house one is a gaming machine and the other is a general computer. The gaming machine has an Asus P8Z77-V LK with an intel i5 2400 and the general machine has a Intel i7 930 on an Asus P6X58D.

I have 3 660ti cards that the Asus P8Z77-V LK cannot handle so I'm looking to throw all the gaming components onto the general machine's P6X58D mobo.

What do you guys thing for gaming in terms of comparing the motherboard and the processor. Which is better for gaming?

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  1. The i7 930 can be overclocked, and you have the X58 board that will accept the three cards. I don't think there is much of a comparison.
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    Also the average performance difference between the two architectures is about 12%. Pretty good actually, but not enough (at least for me) to justify an upgrade. I typically want at least a 20% average improvement; or something close to that. Ivy Bridge is on average 6% faster than Sandy Bridge which means it is almost 19% faster than Bloombfield so I would say that is close enough to 20% to justify an upgrade.

    (1.12 x 1.06) -1 = 1.1872 - 1 = 0.1872 = 18.72%
  3. Thanks guys, will make the swap tonight.
  4. More questions, its never that easy. The 930 is going to draw way more energy especially if I OC to 3.8gz but how much more? I figuring right now I'm using nearly 800w on load, is 200 watts enough overhead for the CPU on the 1000w Gold Rosewill Lightning? Also will the heat from the tri sli and the 930 create an oven? Cooling is as follows h55 water cooler on the CPU, ASUS DCII cards with great cooling and Articooler on the Nvidia 660ti which also has great cooling. Side fan is a 120mm intake, rear 120mm fan mounted on the radiator for the H55 is an exhaust, front 120mm intake, top fan 120mm exhast.
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