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Hi sorry if this is not the right section.

I currently downloaded cpu-z and when I restarted my pc. A program installed called browser safeguard I stopped it from starting once I start my pc because I couldn't find how to delete it but noticed it wouldn't let me go online without it being turned on. When I went online it said the proxy server wouldn't let me go online until i turned it back on. Is there a way to delete it or is the program safe to you and not a virus any help needed
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  1. Sounds like a parental control kind of app, they usually require a password to disable/uninstall. If you're the sole administrator of your PC, start in safe mode and delete/uninstall whatever you can find associated with it.
  2. Thanks for your help I'm just worried if I delete it. I won't be able to get online
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    if you or a parent didn't put it there, then it's most likely malware watching and recording your internet traffic, set a restore point, then go and try deleting it in safe mode (and save the files you delete on a flash drive or something in case you do need them later)
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